“Grant Rising offers up the best map renderings of the U.S.-Mexican War and early Civil War Western Theater operations ever published. It illustrates the classic marches and battles that we have all studied, but the terrain features, color and attention to detail help to unlock dozens of books on these subjects.”

 —Evan C. Jones, editor of
Gateway to the Confederacy: New Perspectives on the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Campaigns, 1862-1863
Grant Rising book cover
…a superbly put together landscape style map study…. Easy to read and easy on the eyes, with maps color-coded for ease of use, this volume [is a]…  valuable research tool, with excellent orders-of-battle…. I highly recommend it—it is a keeper.”

 —Jack Greene, author of Hitler Strikes North: The Nazi Assault on Norway & Denmark, April 9, 1940 and The Naval War in the Mediterranean 1940-1943


Updated 5/14/20

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Grant Rising

Mapping the Career of a Great Commander through 1862
Map Study Series CW No. 1
128 pages, $50, hardback
ISBN 9781940169019

An inspired, one-volume summary in maps and text of Ulysses S. Grant’s famous battles in 1862 – Donelson and Shiloh – and also his early life, including his frontier and Mexican War service, as well as his minor engagements in the Western Theater of the American Civil War.

Grant Rising offers a different graphic approach to history through numerous maps, period illustrations, photographs, and memoirs.

How is this approach different? Our book is exceptional because it offers:

  • New information not previously published in map form, including Grant’s early life and his pre-Civil War career.
  • In addition to the traditional use of red and blue to distinguish opposing sides, different tints of these colors differentiate commands – unique to our maps and essential to understanding command relationships in complex battles.
  • These different tints also help separate multiple units of the same side on a single map, making the action easier to understand.
  • Lavish color maps with a shaded relief provide an excellent way to understand the shape of the terrain.
  • 3 orders-of-battle are similarly coded to the same command colors on the maps.
  • Strategic overview maps place regional operations and battles in context.
  • Concise text is supported by quotations from the participants and observers of the era.
  • This is both a great reference source and a compelling account of Grant’s story.

46 full-color, full-page (11-by-8.5-inch) maps, 8 pages of full-color orders-of-battle, sidebars, appendices, index

Hal Jespersen

Cartography by
Hal Jespersen

Since 2004, Hal has visited most of the major battlefields and contributed to Wikipedia as the principal author of about 250 Civil War articles and more than 200 battle and campaign maps, all of which are available for download at www.CWMaps.com. Hal currently has nearly 400 additional maps pending publication in books and magazines.

Hal’s work for this book series features techniques that portray Civil War battles in a new way, such as shaded relief topography, giving the maps a three-dimensional appearance. Plus the use of different color tints to represent command relationships makes it easier to determine which brigades reported to which divisions and corps at a glance. Using slightly different shades of blue and red also allow for easy differentiation of many units on a single map, making the action easier to understand (see sample pages above).

James R. Knight

Text by
James R. Knight

Jim has written four books on Civil War themes, including The Battle of Pea Ridge, The Battle of Franklin, and The Battle of Fort Donelson, all published by The History Press. The Blog Civil War Librarian admired Franklin as “noteworthy” and hailed both Donelson and Franklin as “fine examples of clear and complete“ writing. The online site Civil War Books and Authors described Pea Ridge as “short form campaign and battle history at its finest.” Jim currently serves as a Historical Interpreter for The Battle of Franklin Trust.

Dana Lombardy

Project Editor
Dana Lombardy

Dana was an Associate Online Editor for Weider History Group, publisher of Civil War Times and America’s Civil War magazines, and now researches, writes, and designs through Lombardy Studios.

Dana is also known for his nearly twenty television appearances, including multiple episodes of The History Channel’s “Tales of the Gun” series. He has contributed as an author, editor, cartographer, graphic artist, and designer on hundreds of books, games, and magazines, and was Publisher of Napoleon Journal from 1996-2000. He currently serves as the Senior Executive Director of the World War One Historical Association.

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